Recent dissemination activities

Workshop, February 2023, Madrid, Spain
Annual Workshop – department of Systems Biology – National Centre for Biotechnology, Spanish National Research Council with SynBio4Flav presentation titled “Insights into flavonoid production using microbial consortia

Publication, Leibniz Magazine story, “Full House – Billions of bacteria colonise our intestines. Why are they beacons of hope and how can we care for them?“, original story in German, by Beate Wagner, illustrations by Felix Bork, Leibniz is the magazine of the German Leibniz Association

Conference presentation, December 7-8, 2022, Leuven, Belgium
VIB conference 2022, Emerging applications of microbes, “Metabolic biosensors in yeast metabolic engineering“, presentation by Verena Siewers, Chalmers University

Workshop, 19 December 2022, Madrid, Spain
30th CNB Scientific Workshop -National Centre for Biotechnology, Spanish National Research Council
featuring poster presentations with the SynBio4Flav developed the topic “Model driven evolution of Pseudomonas putida highlights underground metabolism as a reservoir for metabolic versatility

Science fair, November 17, 2022, Sevilla, Spain
Principality of Asturias Science Fair 2023 – hands-on experiemnts for general public and secodnary school students showing different techniques for extraction of DNA from microorganisms and eukaryotic cells, display stand by the BIONUC research group, Oviedo University

Conference, 17 May 2022, Cancun, Mexico
Presentation and paper by Álvaro Pérez-Valero about SynBio4FLav topic of “De novo biosynthesis of o-methylated flavonoids in the microbial factory Streptomyces Albus” at the 3rd Synthetic Biology of Natural Products Conference.